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Of  all the things you wear your smile is the most important, it only takes a few seconds for us to form our first impressions and nothing makes a better first impression than an attractive smile, it radiates confidence and attractiveness.   

Denture wearers unfortunately can feel very self conscious of their smile, many believing that everyone knows that there teeth are false and look false, speaking and eating, especially whilst in company can be very embarrassing.

Unfortunately far too many denture wearers either knowingly or unknowingly tolerate dentures that are ill fitting, or badly made, which may cause a sunken appearance, or difficulty eating or talking.

We are Clinical Dental Technicians, based in Taunton Somerset and Bristol in the South West of England. As graduates of The Royal College of Surgeons of England and registered with the General Dental Council, we are skilled and educated to provide dentures direct to the public.



Our mission is to provide natural looking dentures that enhance your appearance allow you to function to your maximum ability, and restore your self esteem and well being.

At Smiles Cosmetic Denture Clinic we provide a unique service, built on attention to detail and time spent face to face manufacturing dentures directly to you. We are always striving to do better, constantly updating our skills, using the finest materials and incorporating the latest techniques. We offer a FREE CONSULTATION with your Clinical Dental Technician so that you can tell us exactly what you like and what you don’t, you can even bring a photo of your natural teeth for us to copy. We can also tell you what we think, how we can improve your appearance or the function of your dentures.




We opened in Taunton in 2000 and were originally in Station Rd. Taunton, we later relocated tour new clinic at 62 Bridges ST. Taunton, Somerset in December 2008. We cover Somerset including Taunton, Bridgwater, Wellington, Yeovil, Minehead, Weston Super Mare and Devon.

In October 2009 we opened our Bristol branch within Davidson Smith & Associates at 62 Hollway Rd. Stockwood, Bristol covering Bristol, Bath and North Somerset.

List of services provided:

Complete dentures
Partial dentures
Chrome dentures
Implant retained dentures
Denture repairs/broken dentures repaired
Copy dentures
Soft linings
Denture cushioning

Dentist Taunton   Dentist Taunton   Dentist Taunton   Dentist Taunton
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